Back from Arizona

I’m back in the Netherlands, as you can see from the sunset I photographed from the car

What remains now is a few hundred photographs to sort out, cd’s with photo’s to send to several people and ‘compile’ all the events and, above all, , above all, to get some sleep. All in all it was a wonderful trip, the AYE conference, museum and historical site visits, and nature visites to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Summarizing, I saw a lot of interesting sites, and met many interesting people, so the trip was more than worthwile.

Today I slept for about 15 hours, and I’m still tired…. The time difference between Phoenix and Utrecht is about eight hours, and I didn’t get much sleep on the way over here, nor was I rested before – conferences and holidays tend to be tiresome with me – I use work periods to relax ;-)

Luckily, I finally bought the cd ‘boy with the arab strab’ from Belle and Sebastian last week, that got a lot of play during long drives in northern Arizona, so that’s with me to keep up the atmosphere. The album is as good as most of the reviews had already told me, so I’m very glad with that.

Unfortunately my brand new digital SLR camera broke down the day I went to the Grand Canyon (Murphy has to appear in my trips somehow), so I took some pictures with my older camera.

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