Images of AYE, XP-day Benelux and the Grevelingen lake

A new camera sure is fun, but it has one major drawback: I make much more pictures than usual :-) . The three categories below contain over 550 images in all. Since I promised several people to put them online, there was no way around but to make myself some scripts to scale the images and generate index files. The program ImageMagick makes this relatively painless. If you want my scripts, just drop me a mail.

Just click one of the images below to see all of the images in the category. At AYE I took so many pictures (about 350) that that one is divided into subcategories…

Visiting the AYE conference and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA XP Day Benelux 2003 A photoshoot with Charles Vermeulen around the Grevelingen lake in Zeeland

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