End-of year reflections on Blogging.

So far I’ve resisted blogging about blogging, but the end of the year seems to be an excellent time for reflectiosn on blogging. Over at Unbound Spiral Stuart Henshall is writing about Giving up traditional blogging. A long piece with many interesting ideas about the past and future of blogging and comments from readers.

It seems, that as more and more blogs appear, it becomes harder to follow blogs, or even distill trends from blogs, since, as Ton Zijlstra writes, a lot of the information in blogs depends on their context. I personally haven’t made much time for reading all blogs I subscribed to recently, since I can’t make space for all the ideas generated by them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all the excellent blogs around, but I can easily ‘lose’ a day by surfing the blogs.

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