Impact of “Balancing Act”

Marc Evers made me aware that Bernard Notarianni wrote about Balancing Act in his report on agile open. Nynke Fokma said, that this session would have impact on some participants long after the workshop, perhaps even months. I’m still learning from facilitating it. Apparently, impact came relatively quickly for Bernard:

The session was very interesting, however I did not get the “aha!” effect during it. The effect came later:

I always had the feeling that it what not possible to improve my communication or management skills. It was possible to improve the technical skills, but not the “soft” skills: one was a communicator or was not. Actually, this is false. It is possible to improve your communication and your management skills: that’s what did the Balancing Act for me.

At agile open, we ran only part of Balancing Act (the part on congruent action, how to actively balance self, other and context ). . I’m working with a group of facilitators to co-market this as a self-contained course. We’re now working on making a description that is more suitable for marketing it. Seeing the feedback we got from the trial run, this seems time well spent.

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