Some not so light weekend reading

I’ve wanted to post this link since I found it. I postponed it for a weekend. If you are on a deadline or something, don’t follow it. I was touched and moved by it, and I read it from beginning to end, and then couldn’t stop following it. I suggest you try the same.

Still here?

Kathy Sierra’s blog introduced Daniel Steinberg to me, who was supposed to visit Kathy (Love and Courage) , but his six year old daughter Elena died. Daniel wrote the first post Loss of continuity in his weblog (Extreme Teaching) about a book he had just started to write . He then set up a separate one, Dear Elena which starts with the second post, Unfinished Business. Follow the calendar to read from start to now, and don’t forget to trawl through the many comments – there’s excellent writing in there as well. What a way to celebrate a life gone by. Wow.
One of the many things that resonated with me:

Please don’t leave things unsaid that you need to say and consider not saying those things that don’t need saying.

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