Butter Flies, again

Nynke resurrected her butterfly bubbles blog. In true Nynke style, she started of with an appreciation :
butterlies are cool

Butterflies are smokin’ hot.

Later on, Nynke shows how she loves to evaporate clouds

I love clouds

And then she gives a systems thinking perspective on happiness:life is ending one minute at a time by repoort

Welcome back Nynke!

life is good comic by Repoort

(people sometimes ask me why I am self-hosting… Being able to provide a space for other people to be creative and seeing them fly is definitely an important factor).

Comics in this post are from the series “Happy Go Lucky” by Repoort.

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  1. nynke.andering » Blog Archive » Appreciations Says:

    [...] And Willem’s statement at the bottom of Butter Flies, again, clearly shows me this man knows of the joy of giving. As easy and simple as that! It warms my heart. And, Willem, in honor of your gift, I’ll fligh as high as I can! Out into space if need be! [...]