Requesting your feedback on ‘Agile’ conferences

In the agile alliance board we’re ruminating on evaluation results of agile2006. Ron Jeffries has put up a page with his puzzles and ideas, and requests your feedback:

The Agile 2006 conference was very good, and the reviews from the attendees are mostly favorable. I’ve got some concerns and issues, and I’m soliciting feedback, input, ideas from people who have them. As an Agile Alliance board member, I might be able to get some things done. Tell me what to do.

(from Ron’s conference thoughts )

I’m sharing Ron’s puzzles. I’m also puzzling on direction for xp days and other agile conferences in Europe. So feel free to e-mail me or Ron, or leave a comment right here.
(I may type more later… injured a wrist swimming yesterday, strange but true)

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