Agile Open @ the IAF Benelux conference

I hope to write something substantial again, soonish :) . Meanwhile some announcements you might be interested in.

On June 15 Marc Evers and yours truly are hosting  Agile Open @ the International Association of Facilitators Benelux conference (In De Bovendonk, Hoeven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) . This year we are taking our eXPerience with open spaces on the road, and do open space related workshops inside other conferences. The one @ the IAF conference is more meta Рa small experience of Open Space followed by reflective practitioners :) And then some more practice in the Open Space that afternoon, facilitated by Nynke Fokma an participants in the morning workshop.

I have heard registration for the IAF conference is going well (around a hundred registrants), and there are still some places available. The event is partially in Dutch, but I’m sure the Open Space will adapt to the right people :) .¬† And the Appreciative Inquiry workshop by Andrew Ballance (parrallel with Agile Open @ IAF) will be in English for sure.¬† Hope to see you there!

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