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Haskell dojo at eXtreme Tuesday Club London

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Mike Hill and me will be co-hosting a haskell coding dojo at the eXtreme Tuesday Club in London this tuesday.  Prior experience of Haskell not required, just bring your intention to have some fun :) A dojo is a great way of learning together, and I see we have at least one participant with quite a bit of haskell experience; so register to join the fun…

SPA 2009 was wicked: Haskell, Beatboxing and Anarchy in the UK

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Spa 2009 was an experience grenade, I am somewhat recovered from the blast I had there, but not quite, so here are some impressions and photos.


This years’ conference had many sessions on a hitherto rather obscure programming language: Haskell. I knew the guys from the Paris CodingDojo (at the very least EmmanuelGaillot, ChristopheThibaut and ArnaudBailly ) have been jamming on Haskell for a while, I was surprised to learn Ivan Moore and Mike Hill, this years’ programme chairs also have taken an interest in it.

I am not exactly sure why. (more…)

Conference workshops – the second quarter

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

A bit late, as the first conference – SPA2009 – has already passed :) . It was great, more about that later. We already put the write-up for Consulting Without Secrets up on the SPA wiki, Sea Stories and Fairy tales is yet to follow. (more…)