About Willem

Here you can follow my meanderings through (software) development. I call it a ‘column’ as that is what this form has been called by (dutch) newspapers for a long time. On the web, it is hyped as ‘new’ and is often called a blog. portrait of Willem van den Ende

I am a serial entrepreneur, so information on what I do is spread around as well :) Currently (since around 2000), I make a living as a professional trainer/coach/mentor/consultant and all-hands person in the (agile) software development space, I’m involved in a networked venture around professional presence on the web, and there always seems to be community stuff as well :) .

Mentoring/Coaching: livingsoftware.nl (my incorporation, also serves to hold stakes in other businesses).

Courses: QWAN (Quality Without A Name)

Software Development: QWAN Labs (we also carry out software development projects for clients, the marketing material for that is under construction)

Adventures in creating a presence on the web: Wyrd Web

Community: Agile Alliance (served as a board member for two years), XP Days Benelux (co-founder and still regular session presenter), Systems Thinking net (co-founder and site maintainer) Agile Open (co-founder, site maintainer and still organizing the dutch Agile Open), and more – this blog also serves to provide  reports from recent events and announcements for future ones.

Kind regards,

Willem van den Ende

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credits: the current header image was taken by Harald Walker at Agile Open Netherlands 2008