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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

I’m enjoying the term mythodology – collecting fieldstones for an article, I’m re-reading “Weinberg on Writing – the fieldstone method”

Doing an internet search for mythodology, I found Marco Abis named his website mythodology. As he says on mythodology:

Towards the end of 2005 I found it in the book “Weinberg On Writing” in relation to the (in)famous writer’s block (but interestingly the quote is from Tom Gilb):

‘Writer’s block is not a disorder in you, the writer. It’s a deficiency in your writing methods-the mythology you’ve swallowed about how works get written-what my friend and sometime coauthor Tom Gilb calls your “mythodology.” Fieldstone writers, freed of this mythodology, simply do not experience writer’s block.’

[..]Agile methods are the next (current?) step but are still only scraping the surface of the problem having myths themselves which get in the way of the true Quality.

Hear hear!

As Agile ‘methods’ (I’m still / more and more against methods ) become mainstream oversimplification becomes rampant, as was to be expected.

Some not so light weekend reading

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

I’ve wanted to post this link since I found it. I postponed it for a weekend. If you are on a deadline or something, don’t follow it. I was touched and moved by it, and I read it from beginning to end, and then couldn’t stop following it. I suggest you try the same.

Still here?

Kathy Sierra’s blog introduced Daniel Steinberg to me, who was supposed to visit Kathy (Love and Courage) , but his six year old daughter Elena died. Daniel wrote the first post Loss of continuity in his weblog (Extreme Teaching) about a book he had just started to write . He then set up a separate one, Dear Elena which starts with the second post, Unfinished Business. Follow the calendar to read from start to now, and don’t forget to trawl through the many comments – there’s excellent writing in there as well. What a way to celebrate a life gone by. Wow.
One of the many things that resonated with me:

Please don’t leave things unsaid that you need to say and consider not saying those things that don’t need saying.

Reading energy

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

A new old friend of mine said “I’ve always enjoyed reading, but never enjoyed writing” I’m puzzling on that one, as she does seem to enjoy writing in chat windows. Let me write about reading that gave me energy: (more…)

» Around the MashupCamp fire

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

» Around the MashupCamp fire | Between the Lines |

Hadn’t heard about this before, it’s happening now apparently. Mashup camp. Made me think of mashups (two music tracks combined, a fast and easy way to create remixes these days). Apparently it is about combining API’s (of the web 2.0 kind) in various ways.

It’s always nice to see the now familiar open space rules posted on a flipover, and seeing the photo of Ward Cunningham, I’m curious if he’s going to come up with something as simple and fascinating as the Wiki again. The session title “Tools for Ah-has: Things that help you make and share ideas” sounds tempting…

photo by Cirne

XFN – XHTML Friends Network

Monday, February 20th, 2006

XFN – XHTML Friends Network

self-organizing way of social networking, a directed graph instead of bi-directional. Unlike linked-in, openBC and others, completely decentralized.