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Spa 2010: hand-on and sit-back-and-relax

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I intended to write about other things than just conferences, but SPA 2010 is going to be too much fun to let you miss it, so I’ll break my own rules…

At the GOOS Gaggle I heard David Harvey praise the upcoming SPA conference because of its’ great keynotes (and yes, they are going to be fantastic). But to me SPA is not a sit-back and relax conference. The main reason why I’m going are the hands-on sessions and simulations. This year we’ve got even more hands-on sessions than last year, so much so that we’ve got more than a complete software craftsmanship track. Whether you are just a programmer and like to program with your peers, or you fancy yourself a software martial artist sweating it out in the coding dojo with fellow code-okas, this should be a lot of fun and very effective learning and experimentation. The language track (to introduce and explore various programming languages) also has lots of hands on sessions. This year for instance on Scala and Clojure, and  if you are lazy Haskell is present like at SPA2009, but now from a more day-to-day development angle.

Of course, if you want to rest (or don’t program at all) there’s good discussions to be had in the design track (and even there several hands-on sessions) and simulation games in the People and Process track.

Take a look at the programme , I hope to meet you there.