Interesting stuff at the end of XP2004

As XP2004 was drawing to a close, many interesting ideas came by. Ideas that stuck so far were:

  • solving problems by daydreaming
  • research on presencing that is performed by MIT, and is supposed to be a kind of ‘sixth discipline’ for the learning organisation, being the ‘flow of the learing organization’, which is called Presencing
  • Many german companies are reverting back to becoming an ‘unlearning organization’ – they hire army officers as managers in order to fight their crisis with a more directing, command-and-control style of management. Someone at lunch was actually working for such an organisation.
  • the importance of cultural training, or at least cultural awareness in organisations. Organisational departments such as sales, software development, systems support, operations, all have a distinct (sub) culture, including preferred ways of communication.

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