Today, Marc Evers pointed me to Rehashing: Finale to Start-Up Life Lessons a long blog entry by Evelyn Rodriguez. It contains some interesting lessons on start-ups. I quote: Headlong into a free fall. Anxiety, worry, fear. And if you are an entrepreneur it would be invaluable to learn the skill of staying centered in the midst of seeming chaos and the unknown before your venture starts. That would be great. As I’m changing relations within an existing venture, and starting participation in a new one, I’m trying to avoid the rebound effect – I’m going to take some of the exact same risks I took the first time, for instance.

I’ve been rehashing a lot lately. I know it is not very useful, but it takes some effort to start “pre-hashing” so to say, thinking and acting towards the future. What helps me right now is writing (here or in my notebook), reading, talking to friends and going to conferences. Day by day, I’m experiencing and enjoying more about how the future wants to unfold ;-)

Having said that, I’m taking off for a an open space conference with fellow consultants in the French Alps, I’m curious what that will bring!

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