Cynefin and Extreme Programming

I’m still busy making sense from the Cynefin framework for sensemaking (for a brief introduction on how I see it so far, see the previous post on Cynefin). I’m puzzling on how eXtreme Programming could fit in several domains, and how choreographies from one domain to another would work. Richard Veryard, also raised the question about XP, in his blog post on a brief history of methods. He places XP in the ‘known’ domain. As I was re-reading the Cynefin paper this week I’m making some progress in understanding it. Or so I believe. As my thoughts went in many directions, I created a mindmap about how I could place XP in the various domains.

So far I find the chaos domain the most puzzling. I’m not sure thinking about software is appropriate in that domain. In chaos brainstorming and deciding on a choreography to one of the other spaces (preferably complex) might be more appropriate. I can see how XP could fit (and misfit) in known, knowable and complex – although in each context it has a different effect, and you can use it for a different purpose. I hope to work on the mindmap a bit more and then write a longer post about it.

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