Extreme Programming Explained version two

Rachel Davies blogs about the second version of Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck. Apparently it is a complete rewrite from the first version, with revised principles, practices and values. Like Mary Poppendieck, Kent Beck is now also apparently making the connection between The Toyota Way and Agile Software Development explicit.

The second edition of Extreme Programming explained now also contains more graphics apparently. The three rivers’ website contains some samples: Extreme Programming in Pictures. These are nicely hand-drawn mindmaps that seem to show the systems thinking perspective behind Kents’ new take on XP. The first edition of Extreme Programming Explained also had that systems thinking thing going, since the practices and values form an interconnected whole – finding out how the whole is formed was left as an exercise for the practitioner (which was educational :-) ). I hope the new book goes into some more depth explaining some of the ‘soft’ practices and the values.

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