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Last week, a new weblog by Nynke Fokma went live, called Bommelstein. Welcome Nynke! . Nynke writes, amongst other things, about Systems Thinking and (In)Congruent Communication .

Recently I’ve been working with Marc Evers and Nynke on a site about systems thinking, with a weblog-aggreggator containing weblogs from systems thinkers and a wiki. We made this invitation:

Have you noticed that changing your software development method changes your organisation?

Wondered why the customer can’t keep up with the programming team?

What to do about it?

How to get a team to use unit testing?

Doubted whether the lack of unit testing is really the team’s biggest problem?

We found systems thinking to be a simple but powerful technique for finding answers to questions like these. When seeing organisations, projects, and teams as systems consisting of interrelated and interacting parts, one enables a relaxed focus on relationships as well as the whole and can easily reveal self-reinforcing feedback loops and not-so-obvious causal relations before they trip us up.

Would you like to change the rules of the game?

Figure out what you can do as systems thinker?

With a little self-esteem and imagination?

Co-create flexible processes congruent with desired products?

Increase awareness of your self and what is going on around you?

Turning on feedback loops?

Weave your thoughts with others in a wiki?

We cordially invite you to join us on

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