XP Explained second edition summaries

I recently read the second edition of Extreme Programming Explained – Embrace Change by Kent Beck. As the dust settles, the community is embracing the changes in this second edition (or as I say, version two).

For your and my linking pleasure, here are summaries by Michele Marchesi, Bill Wake and Keith Ray.

I used to recommend the first edition as the quickest way to get started with extreme programming. Currently, as ‘getting started hands on guide’ for beginners I’d recomment the Scrum book (for iterative planning) together with Test Driven Development by Kent Beck for programming.

I’d recommend the second edition for those who are interested in the pragmatics behind extreme programming. It now feels less action oriented, but compensates that with a much better explanation of the reasoning behind the practices.

Worthwile reading if you’ve been doing (some of) the practices for a while, and start wondering why they work. Over the past years, I’ve found it worthwile systems thinking about this with some colleagues. XP Explained second edition can help you get there a bit faster.

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