It’s Alive!

I finally completed the first increment of a  dutch website for my company Living Software. This one has been on my backlog for quite some time. The english company site will remain at

The main value I hope to get from this site, is that I noticed it isn’t clear (even to some people I know) how I work, that I have my own company and services etc – I hope this clears it up. Other value is, that I noticed not everyone that attends our courses is 100% comfortable with doing everything in english, and sinds this "agile" stuff stil is spreading slowly in the netherlands, I thought I’d give another site on coaching, training and agile in dutch a shot. (This is the third time I’m doing it. First as an employee, then at my first (shared) company and now as an independent)


screenshot of the new living software website in firefoxI was having a conversation with Marc yesterday, and he mentioned the false dichotomy between life and work
In case you’re wondering what a false dichotomy is, Pascal van Cauwenberghe recently wrote an analysis of people problem or process problem? that could serve as an example of a false dichotomy.
Making the Living Software site is an instance of how I make the distinction between life and work less and less. I’m following my passions, and make a living out of it at the same time. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy photography, so I used one of my own photographs as a background for the site title and I made the black tree I got from Nynke white so it fits better with the background.

At first I was thinking about doing the site with a (rather elaborate) CMS and link in a weblog. After evaluating textpattern, I decided to try building the whole site with that – so all pages on it have trackback, ping, and comments – a lot of my work is about making feedback loops. If feedback is good, why not have it everywhere on a site? (this weblog still hasn’t, because I’m puzzling about how to keep the links to the 140+ entries working in a new blogging engine).
 In the near future I hope to make the site more self-organizing by adding a tagsonomy to it – the articles all have permanent links, so the structure of the site can vary around that (in any combinations of sections, categories and tags).

There are still a few nits to pick, and many things I want to add, but with a couple of pieces on the background of my company and me being happy enough with the layout, I am good to go, as this site is the simplest thing that could possibly work – at least I’m getting the first value – it’s making it more obvious that I’m independent, and the name of my company is Living Software  :-) .

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