Agile Open Holland 2009 – what can I say?

I still don’t know what to say exactly about Agile Open Holland 2009, even though it was a couple of weeks ago already. I’ll let the photos taken by Sander, Lucia, see also the video she made) and by Laurens at the event speak for themselves. Starting with some photos by Sander:
IMG_1677 by Sander Verbruggen.
Group photo

IMG_1625 by Sander Verbruggen.
Lucia presents her session on the second day opening
IMG_1600 by Sander Verbruggen.
yours truly, opening space
We decided to do the closing circle in the Bar, so we didn’ have to chose between relaxing with a beer and closing the open space.
IMG_1665 by Sander Verbruggen.
The hobby horse was one of our MVP’s (Most Valuable Participants).
IMG_1661 by Sander Verbruggen.
Sandra with the hobby horse we used as a talking stick. Beers are not talking sticks.
IMG_1672 by Sander Verbruggen.
Marc and his hobby horse
The hobby horse was a lucky accident. Maroesja, Marcs’ wife suggested it. It went well with the theme ‘my method is bigger than yours, or is it?’. During the opening round we got everyone to say one or two words about their hobby horse for this conference, so that everybody knew at least something about everybody else.
Lucia and Laurens went on a friendly contest: who takes the best portraits? These are by Lucia:
#agileopen by ❀Luus.

The QWAN duck was a popular model.Not sure many people talked to her during the conference, since there were so many other participants to choose from.
#agileopen by ❀Luus.
Enjoying a beer after all has been said and done
#agileopen by ❀Luus.


#agileopen by ❀Luus.

Laurens, wearing the t-shirt he got on the last day at his previous gig. His colleagues dared him that he would not wear a t-shirt reading “Life is like a Hashtable”. I guess they were wrong.
Next up are Laurens’ photos
agile_open_2009_033 by laurensbonnema.
Maarten, organiser at VX Company, who made sure everything ran (very) smoothly
agile_open_2009_040 by laurensbonnema.
Huib and Bert in a serious conversation
agile_open_2009_056 by laurensbonnema.
Deb, listening
agile_open_2009_080 by laurensbonnema.
Nicole and Ids. Even though we try to make the sessions at least as interesting as the coffee breaks, the coffee breaks are still essential
agile_open_2009_081 by laurensbonnema.
Mary and Michiel, Approach-Able ;)

agile_open_2009_068 by laurensbonnema.
And last, but not least, the opening. Participants Queuing to propose a session
People who are not used to Open Space often ask me, “arent’ you worried that nobody is going to propose a session?”. No. This photo clearly shows why. It’s more like “get over with opening the space already, I’m itching to go!”.
I hope these photos encourage you to join an Agile Open near you. In the coming weeks there is one in Northern California “Agile in Changing Times” (this thursday and friday), and one in Spain (Ocotber 23 and 24. It has no theme, but apparently it is the first meeting of spanish agilists).
In the meantime, you can see more photos and read about the conference and particular sessions through the Agile Open Holland 2009 wiki page.

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