Maximum Marketable Featureset

Have you ever thought about the Maximum Marketable Featureset for your product? You may be familiar with a Minimum Marketable Featureset, which is the minimal set of features where someone wants to buy your product.

The underlying assumption is that adding more features after the minimal set will make your product more valuable.

At some point adding features makes a product less valuable to users. Less features are easier to understand for users and for developers, which in turn can help improve the value of each feature.

So next time you build a product, think about it. When will more features diminish the value of your product to its users? Why not on your current one? Are you there yet? How far still to go? Past the point already? Could I make this post more valuable by asking less questions or using fewer words?

2 Responses to “Maximum Marketable Featureset”

  1. Geir Amsj√ł Says:

    I love that term!
    Maybe you are looking for “the Happy User Peak”?

  2. Willem Says:

    Thanks! I was thinking about adding this kind of graph, but decided the post might have enough features, so I’d add in in a later post. Even better if it was already written :) . I love Kathy Sierra’s posts.