Say what you want not how you want it done – logic programming with answer sets at ACCU Bristol, September 4

Marina de Vos and I ran a very well received session on this topic at the SPA Conference in London last June. I was a bit, pleasantly, surprised, but I shouldn’t have. When I’m curious about something I’m often not the only one.

Answer set programming is a research topic for Marina, and from our discussions it became clear to me that I just did not get it. For me one of the best ways to learn something is to organise a session on it.

At SPA we received some useful suggestions to improve the session for the next time, so we thought it would be a waste not to do it again. Therefore we’ll run this session next week, Wednesday September 4 at the ACCU Bristol meetup. You can Sign up here.

As before, this will be a hands-on session with small exercises, where you’ll learn something new about answer set programming at every step. Thanks to the suggestions at SPA, we’ll now be using one running example as opposed to various different problems.

One of the things that pleasantly surprised me at SPA, was that several participants continued working on the exercises during the conference. Our session was on Monday morning and after that people would occasionally approach us with more questions. It also fit well in the program with Nat Pryce and Keith Braithwaites’ session on property based testing and some more Artificial Intelligence themed sessions.

I now have a better understanding on logic programming, and the state of the art in it. Answer Set Programming is fun, with just a few lines of ‘code’ you can get a lot done. Thinking of the right few lines is mindbending at times, but that makes it all the more fun!

We’ll hope to see you next week at Accu Bristol.

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