AYE – Amplifying Your Effectiveness, Day 2 – the Blogging BOF

I am at the AYE conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Anko Tijman asked me to report about my experience at this conference. I’ve been in Phoenix since last thirsday, having a few days off to get in touch with the surroundings. That has been wonderful, maybe more about that later.

I took some pictures in the corridor today.

Here are Dale Emery and Laurent Bossavit, looking at the Birds of a Feather registration board.

This is the Dorset House table, full of wonderful books.

I didn’t take pictures at the workshops today, because I felt (especially at the Satir workshop), that taking pictures would be too intrusive.

As I write this, I am at a Birds of a Feather session on Blogging (this column is a blog as well), with (from left to right in the picture) Laurent, Esther, Joanna, yours truly, Ron, Dale and Steve Smith taking the picture and Malcolm Currie… ). As a newbie, it is interesting to pick the brains of people who have been doing it for some time.

Laurent asked an interesting question: ‘what stood out for you at AYE today?’. To me, it was Jean Mc Lendon’s experiential session on Satir Systems Coaching, showing what it is about by coaching one of the workshop participants. Part of the process was a ‘sculpt’, which is a kind of role-play in mime. The sculpt involved a family situation of the coachee, and a work situation, then both situations were displayed together, and Jean asked ‘what is different between those situations’, ‘what can you do now, that you couldn’t do before?’. As she had said in the introduction, private and work life are closely connected.

What I observed about myself in this workshop, was that I’m really starting to like role-playing. I played the brother in the family situation, who didn’t have the courage to support his sister, but instead decided to act irrelevantly. John, who played the father, approached me after the workshop, and said I really played the role very well, that maybe the role fitted well with my personality. I told him I wasn’t sure about that, I can also be very good at blaming (If I’m playing a process policeman for instance), but maybe at closer introspection he’s right…

The other participant’s comments are at Johanna Rothman’s Blog. A side effect of this BoF session is that my column is now published, since Johanna made a link to it…

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