Agile Open news

Registrations for Agile Open are trickling in – there’s a nice variety of people registering. I noticed several new ideas for sessions have been posted this week (agile

security, XpGame, DrawingCaroussel). Also, the conference schedule is taking shape, thanks to active participation

of various people.

Other ideas (e.g. for non-session activities) will remain welcome until the

end of the conference. This conference is what the participants make it, the co-organisers

provide the container that makes events possible.

So far, we’ve had a lot of positive reactions, also from people who won’t be

able to attend – some want to register for 2006 :-) . I’ll keep you posted

on the feedback I get and other stuff that’s


I’m looking forward to Agile Open a lot. It is so cool to see something like this grow.

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