Subversive subversion

Today I had a really bright idea…. not. I wanted to safeguard my blog better, by putting my blog and website in subversion, a version control system. I was unaware that subversion does not maintain file modification dates of files after importing. For my website it doesn’t matter, but this weblog depends on the modification dates of the files to sequence the blog entries.

While I was at it, I overwrote my backup and the released version on the webserver. I noticed only afterwards the blog was out of whack. Some aggregators are also affected (i noticed agileplanet was). I re-dated as many files as possible, and those that couldn’t got an old date, so aggregators are not affected too much – in a few days the entries disappear from aggregators anyway.

It’s probably better to start versioning work right from the start, but its’ annoying subversion does not maintain the original dates on import nevertheless. I haven’t even found an option that makes it possible.

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