What’s going on?

With me in this case. The world is also interesting, with many things going on on the energy front at the moment.I just arrived home from the pair programming party in Mechelen. I worked with Pascal van Cauwenberghe on our new project ‘hourensou’ (Japanese for spinach, and for a practice from the Toyota way). We’re building hourensou to help us level out the load for the various events we organize.

The amount of ‘stuff’ we have to do is getting to the level that some pragmatic automation will save us time. We’ve got about six people signed up to help already, as this will also be a fun exercise in making a ruby on rails application.

We also talked a bit about blogging. Pascal suggested making small deadlines for yourself and finishing ‘whatever’ within that deadline. So that is what I did, I made up most of this blog entry (and some more) while I drove back.

Agile Alliance election results

I was eligible as member for the agile alliance board, and I didn’t get elected. A friend asked me about the election results today, apparently they haven’t been made public or sent to the members yet.

Looking at the list of board members on the agile alliance website it hasn’t been updated for at least a year, so I’ll break the news then, this is what Rachel Davies mailed me:

The people who were elected this year are:
Mike Cohn, Rachel Davies, Jutta Eckstein, Ron Jeffries, Ole Jepson, Brian Marick, Angela Martin, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

I congratulate the new board, and wish them a lot of fun in a year where the alliance continuously delivers value.

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