Working on sites

In case I haven’t met you yet this year – happy new year!

I haven’t been blogging for a couple of weeks, as I was busy writing on other sites, together with Marc Evers. Marc also has finally started his own business (currently besides his day job).

The new sites are for showing and selling workshops and courses we already have – instead of inventing new ones, we decided to spend some time consolidating what we already have – more to follow :-) . Both sites feature other facilitators we run these courses with. Agile Workshops is dedicated to a number of beginner and intermediate courses on agile software development. Satir Workshops is a place for workshops based on the work of Virginia Satir, currently featuring Balancing Act.

For Agile Workshops, I got into making some artwork, to give a better feeling for what these workshops (and agile software development) is like:

image of programming pairs in a small team

And, finally, we reorganised the Agile Open wiki, so it is ready for the 2006 conference. We hope you’ll bring many ideas for sessions (and eventually, yourself to the conference :-) ).

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