Against documentation (not)

This section reads like I’m anti-documentation, which is silly because HELLO I WRITE A WEBLOG.

I came across this quote by Michael “Rands” Lopp in Joel Spolsky’s collection The best software writing I .

So, I’m not against documentation either, since I read books ;-) . I recommend “The best software writing I”, since in theory , as Nico Mommaerts suggested, it is a nice bundle of articles, which you could read one at a time. In practice, I read a bunch of articles at a time, because they’re funny, well written and insightful. So pick this up if you want to have a good laugh if you’re interested in e.g. how many microsoft engineers it takes to switch a lightbulb, what to do when you’re screwed or how you can make your company disfunctional by setting individual bonuses.

There’s some great cartoons in it too:
They desire to be in my examples.

Come on, chunky bacon.

Chunky bacon!!

Plenty of chunky bacon to go around.

Woohoo! Chunky bacon accomplished!

And then, the dismal truth.

These cartoons are from why the lucky stiffs poignant guide to ruby. I like to step away from the screen every once in a while, lounge on an easy chair and have a good laugh (and a colleciton of urls does not look nearly as nice on my bookshelf).

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