agile open photos

I managed to get the agile open photos online, a big thank you goes out to Marc Evers , who put my camera to good use. Having someone else take pictures as well freed me up to be more present during sessions. (draw parallells with pair programming).

Some photo’s to give a taste (there are many more photos from agile open than I can fit in a blog):

a large group of participants stand around, as the program is being created on the floor

participants making the program

coding dojo, a pair programming and two other participants looking at the beamer

Coding Dojo (Randori)

a group of people having a break, standing around tables drinking orange juice and coffee


five people sit outside on the terrace


several people around a table, making a current reality tree

Current reality trees don’t bite

bunch of people having a discussion in a meeting room

round table discussion

dark photo, with Focus slide clearly lit.

Zen presentation

drawing carousel workshop - participants sitting pairwise at a table, in a long row of tables, each pair working on part of a collaborative drawing

drawing carousel

drawing carousel team shows their finished drawing

drawing is released, even though it is not really finished…

agile open program 2006, day 1

thursday’s schedule

Fridays schedule

Friday’s schedule

Tom and Marc discussing, Marc gesturing

Tom and Marc discussing

Bernard and Raphael discussing

Bernard and Raphael discussing

Vera Peeters hosting the xp game

xp game

Barry and several others waiting for the closing session to get started

waiting until the closing session wants to start.

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