Guess the IDE in this photo

Lasse Koskela looked at the agile open photos and asks me what the IDE in this photo is. Can you guess it?

which development environment is in this picture

I’m not sure I would call it an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), probably more a DIDE (DesIntegrated Development Environment), or DE (Development Environment), or, rather, just an editor.

When giving demos, or participating in collaborative coding events like a dojo, I prefer the environment and the programming language to be as simple as possible. This, to lower barriers to participation for everyone in the room, and since wall projections can carry less information, have as little screen clutter as possible.

So, this particular editor is simple, supports about 35 different programming languages and saves and runs the script, shown in the pane on the left, after pressing F5. The pane on the right shows the output. Both can independently be resized (ctrl+mousewheel).

(Spoiler, in case you haven’t guessed yet, the DE in question is SciTE. The testcase on the left is written in ruby, the simplest language you don’t know. SciTE is included in the most popular ruby installer for windows, and is included in most linux distributions ).

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