Brown Bag session

The unprepared session at agile open prepared us well for the brown bag session Bernard Notarianni hosted subsequently over lunch, to show how they are done in his workplace. These brown bag sessions each deal with a chapter from Quality Software Management (the four volume book series by Gerald Weinberg).

Bernard Notarianni tells what is in the first chapter of QSM

Bernard Notarianni explains the first chapter of Quality Software Management

I’ve participated in many discussions on software quality. Usually, it leads to babble and nothingness… This time was different. Discussion on ‘what is software quality’ was focused, and I learnt a thing or two about it. The format of the meeting is simple. Everyone reads a chapter, there is some discussion on the content, and then the group does one or more exercises – QSM has exercises at the end of each chapter.
They have these meetings every two weeks. At this rate, they’ll be spending the next couple of years working on it. Bernard says it works great for them, and they’ve been doing it for quite a while now – looks like years of fun and learning to look forward to.

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