Adapt or Dye

I’m not the only one noticing google’s search results are becoming less.. I’ve discussed this with several people in the past months, they noticed too that they need to dig further down the list of results to get relevant information. I’m also noticing that my blog increasingly attracts weird traffic from search engines (possibly not only google, but I can’t drill down in the stats yet).

Jason Kolb highlights some of the reasons (“Is Google dying?”) . I usually think as well that the largest Corporate Mammoths will be attacked first (e.g. by virus writers and spammers). I hadn’t applied this dynamic to google yet, as Jason does. Maybe this particular Mammoth has become too greedy…


On a related note, Nynke hopes to save Woolly Multinational Mammoths from extinctinction.

I say Adapt or Dye ;) – long live the purple haired mammoths…

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