Continuous Integration and Testing (un)Conference near…

The second continuous integration & testing conference (still labeled conference, still Open Space) is taking place in London, October 6 and 7, which is a bit closer to me than last years’ in Chicago. I’ve heard good things about CITCON (don’t know exactly what…) and as continuous integration and integration and acceptance testing are still areas with lots of development and challenges, this is bound to be interesting again.

This would also be the first conference announcement I got through a comment on this blog, so the organisers have an interesting approach to marketing at least :) .

Oh, and did I mention this conference is free (as in free beer)? – it would also be free as in free software, as the contents are up to you, the potential participants…

2 Responses to “Continuous Integration and Testing (un)Conference near…”

  1. Jeffrey Fredrick Says:

    The power of Google marketing! Anyone who mentioned the first CITCON might be interested in the second one, no?

    And if you’re interested some of the “good things” people said about the first one I’ve tried to collect the links on the CITCON wiki:

    So… see you there? :)

  2. Willem van den Ende Says:

    yesss, see me (and you and over a hundred others) there :)